Abortions at Home – commonly marketed as Plan C

The term Plan C is a marketing term, not a medical term.  This marketing term is used to describe a process that will allow you to have an abortion at home. It is important to know all the facts and risks of what is being called Plan C.  

Plan C is not the same as the morning after pill (commonly referred to as Plan B).  

What is it?

Many are familiar with what is now called a medical or chemical abortion up to 10 weeks of pregnancy.  Medical abortions are done through a prescription pill of mifeprex (RU-486) overseen by a medical professional or clinic authorized to administer them.  

Many times there can be complications, or the abortion pill may not work so medical oversight is vital.   The FDA requires that the abortion pill is only available from a certified prescriber, so it is not available over the counter and it is illegal to sell over the internet.  

Plan C is the illegal sale of the abortion pill online.  

The Facts:

Plan C ignores important protections for your health.  It is advertised as safe and effective, however it does not meet FDA standards, which are in place precisely to protect you the consumer.
It works outside of FDA requirements by being manufactured in foreign countries by companies outside of the US who do not have your best interest in mind.
There are no safety checks for contaminants. The pills commonly come from other countries without any production oversight (many of these pills come from India for example).  Even effectiveness has been questioned as some pills are counterfeit (containing different ingredients) which has led to severe medical complications and even death.
It may be too late for you. Ordering the abortion pill online and waiting two weeks for it to arrive increases the risk of having an abortion too late in the pregnancy.
Pregnancies must be diagnosed through ultrasound to measure exactly how far along the pregnancy is before a medical abortion can be determined as an option.  The abortion clinics do this as well before moving ahead with any procedure.   A woman’s last menstrual cycle is an estimate but time of ovulation/conception can vary depending on menstrual cycles or birth control methods.  For example, a woman might think she is 9 weeks pregnant but the pregnancy may be earlier or further along, in which case the abortion pill may not work.

Do Your Research First
A viable pregnancy must be diagnosed before you have any kind of termination.

  • You need to know how far along you are – if you are close to or further than 10 weeks Plan C will not work. If you have irregular periods or have recently been on a birth control method your last menstrual cycle may not be accurate in determining how far along the pregnancy is.
  • Pregnancy in the uterus must be confirmed. Plan C will not work if there is ectopic or molar pregnancy. Ectopic or molar pregnancies require specific medical care from a doctor.
  • You may not require an abortion if the pregnancy is not progressing. For example, it could be an empty gestational sac or present no fetal heartbeat even though you are getting positive pregnancy tests. Abortion is not necessary in these cases.

Possible Side Effects:

• One of the key reasons this procedure can be difficult is that the products of conception are usually expelled while you are alone. This can be very stressful to experience.
• The side effects can be severe include heavy bleeding, headache, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and cramping.
• Know a licensed physician or urgent care clinic that can provide you immediate and adequate medical care should anything go wrong.
• Seek immediate medical care for the below symptoms as they could be a sign of serious complications:  Sustained fever, severe abdominal pain, prolonged heavy bleeding, or fainting.
• Abdominal pain or discomfort, or general malaise (“feeling sick,” including weakness, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea, with or without fever) for more than 24 hours.

Clearway Clinic does not provide Plan C or any medical abortion services. This information is provided for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical care.

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