Father of the Baby – Why He Is Important

The Father of the Baby – Why He Is Important

  • Research has shown that the baby’s dad has the most influence over the pregnancy decision
  • A majority of women choose an abortion because they do not want to be a single parent or may be having relationship problems
  • Other statistics show that the father of the baby has significant influence out the outcome of the pregnancy, and he also affects the well-being of both the mother and child
  • A father’s involvement during the pregnancy increases the chance of a healthy pregnancy
  • If the father of the baby is involved during the pregnancy, regardless of the living situation or marital status, the woman is more likely to go to her prenatal doctors appointments
  • An involved father also lowers the risks for the child to grow up in poverty, have behavioral problems, poor performance at school and drug and alcohol use
  • Involvement of the baby’s dad is important and should be encouraged unless there is risk of harm to the mother or baby. Or if you have valid concerns of whether he should be involved.
  • Some of the biggest struggles for dads and unplanned pregnancy is the pressure to provide for a new family. This is a big concern for him because that is how men are wired. Be sure to listen to his valid concerns and then come up with a strategy to work together to provide
  • Many men become amazing fathers, even if it doesn’t seem like it now. It is important to consider his potential as a father, and you will find he may rise to the occasion and become a great dad


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