Pregnancy: When You And Your Boyfriend Differ

When You and Your Boyfriend Differ On What To Do About This Unplanned Pregnancy
Part of any relationship involves the deep desire to be in unity, to keep the peace and, ultimately, to want that person to be happy with the decisions we make.  Although these are good desires for a relationship, if we are always giving in to others’ opinions and pressure we find ourselves making everyone else happy and ourselves miserable.  General feelings of frustration, anger and even symptoms of depression can begin manifesting without realizing it, leaving us unhappy, unfulfilled and wondering why. Often we are left with the unpleasant effects of the decision others pressured us to make, but the ones who championed that option for us are long gone, or unable to help in our time of need.  
As individuals we should seek advice from the ones we truly trust, but we also need to balance that with what our own heart wants; we have the ability and right to say “Wait’ or ‘No’ to those pressuring us to make hasty decisions.  Good decision making takes time and the need to be well informed on all options and risks. Don’t underestimate your strength as a person and your ability to do what others say you shouldn’t do or can’t do. It may initially cause waves in your relationship, but you will gain self-respect and the respect of those you hold dear.  
There are many voices that are quick to tell you “You can’t,” but here at Clearway Clinic we are here to tell you “You can.” We will support you and provide you with all the resources you need to make the best decision for your own life, whatever that is; even to do what appears to be the impossible.  

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