Someone I know wants an abortion – what should I do?

Someone I know wants an abortion – what should I do?

Your friend, sister, or daughter just told you she is pregnant.  You may be uncertain how to best support her.  Think about how she is feeling too.  She is facing an overwhelming situation and needs you right now!  Perhaps she has told you she is considering an abortion or is seeking out an abortion.  You can show her how much you care for her by trying not to overreact to her pregnancy. Reassure her of your confidence in her, and by avoiding blaming or condemning her.
Be an advocate by helping her make a list of pros and cons of all her options regarding her pregnancy.  Try to create a non-threatening atmosphere,. Listen to her feelings and plans, and encourage her to make careful, thoughtful, and logical decisions.  Remember you are not alone in facing this situation.
At Clearway Clinic, in Worcester and in Springfield we are here to provide support for your friend who may be pregnant, she will receive answers to her abortion questions, free lab quality pregnancy test and ultrasound, we will also provide STI testing.  Clearway Clinic medical team  are happy to talk more with you.
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