Unplanned Pregnancy Care in Springfield

An unplanned pregnancy can be scary but understanding what options you have can help alleviate your worries and provide you with the support and pregnancy care you need.
Clearway Clinic in Springfield has several resources available to help you navigate an unplanned pregnancy, and we offer no-pressure consultations to support you, your pregnancy, and your choices. However, before considering your options, it is essential to confirm your pregnancy. For pregnancy confirmation, you can contact our clinic. 
So, You Are Pregnant, Now What?
Once your pregnancy is confirmed, you might be wondering what’s next. You can consider a few options when you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, like adoption, the morning-after pill, abortion, and of course, becoming a parent.
If you are pregnant and not ready to become a parent, you can always consider adoption. This is a wonderful way to help others become parents who might not be able to conceive naturally. There are many adoption plans you can choose from, and it’s important to find the right adoption plan for you, your needs, and your child.
Becoming a parent can be overwhelming at first, and we understand it is a big decision. Questions about your future are sure to come rushing in, but we are here to help talk you through everything. Parenthood is very rewarding and can be an amazing experience if you choose this option. 
Morning After Pill
Depending on the timing of your pregnancy, the morning after pill is an option. We do not offer the morning-after pill at our clinic, but we can help give you information and resources on the pill.
Abortion is a big decision with some risks. Understanding what an abortion entails is crucial if you are considering this option. If you are considering an abortion, it is essential to know your options and verify your pregnancy. We offer no-cost services and resources to help you navigate your unplanned pregnancy.
An unplanned pregnancy comes with a lot of questions, and we are here to answer them. Schedule a no-cost appointment today in Springfield and have our team’s support as you navigate your pregnancy.

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