4 Ways to Encourage Someone Facing an Unplanned Pregnancy

If a friend or family is unexpectedly pregnant, they need your support. It can be difficult to know exactly how to be there for them, especially when they are scared, anxious, or angry. In many ways, the “how” is not as important as simply being there for someone who needs it. However, there are some steps you can take to support a friend or family member facing an unplanned pregnancy.
Have you ever received life-altering news? It can be scary, overwhelming, and make you feel alone. It’s in these moments where you need the support the most. If someone faces an unplanned pregnancy, don’t rush in with suggestions on how to move forward right away. Take time to sit with them as they process the feelings and emotions this news brings up. While this might not seem as practical as other steps, don’t skip this one. It can make all of the difference for someone to have support by their side.
Abortion is often presented as the simplest way out of an unplanned pregnancy, but that is not true. There are alternatives to abortion in which both mother and child have the chance to live a healthy, meaningful life. Take time to research all of the different options available to you. Look into abortion and what actually happens during the procedures in all trimesters. Consider what it would take to parent if that’s their desire, or what kind of adoption plan they would be willing to pursue. Having someone to help a loved one walk through their options can empower and encourage them.
Another way you can support a friend or family member who finds themselves unexpectedly pregnant is to offer practical help. Are they safe in their home? If not, look into a safe space for them to stay in the meantime. Do they want to parent? Research support networks and services to help them in their parenting journey, especially if finances and other resources are tight. Gather a list of local services you can turn to for advice and support along the way, including Clearway Clinic.
Unplanned pregnancy is overwhelming for almost everyone. Often, it’s helpful to have a third-party entity to speak into the situation. Don’t be afraid to point your friend or family member in the direction of other people who can support you. Clearway Clinic has two locations in Worcester and Springfield, Massachusetts. We offer free, confidential consultations where you and your friend can discuss fears, concerns, and options in a safe environment. There are no obligations to the consultation because Clearway Clinic exists to support and encourage pregnant women as well as their friends and family.
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