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Mifeprex/Mifepristone (RU-486; Abortion Pill)

This drug is FDA approved up to 70 days after last menstrual period and may require 3 visits.
First visit: administration of mifepristone that will cause the death of the embryo.
Second visit: administration of misoprostol which induces expulsion of the embryo.
Third visit: Medical professional needs to make sure you are ok and that the procedure worked.

*Clearway Clinic does not provide RU-486. This is information for you.

Manual Vacuum Aspiration

Surgical abortion- up to 13 weeks after last menstrual period. The cervical muscle is stretched with dilators until the opening is wide enough to allow the abortion instruments to pass into the uterus. A hand held syringe is attached to tubing that is inserted into the uterus and the fetus is suctioned out.

Dilation and Evacuation

Surgical abortion- after 13 weeks from last menstrual period The doctor opens the cervix with a dilator or luminaria. The doctor inserts tubing into the uterus and connects the tubing to a suction machine. Forceps are used to pull fetal parts out through the cervix. Sometimes the doctor may use a curette, a loop-shaped knife, or suction to remove any remaining tissue or blood clots from the uterus.

Dilation and Evacuation, post 24 weeks

Surgical abortion after 24 weeks last menstrual period. Lethal injections may be given to stop the fetal heart. The cervix is softened and dilated for 3 days prior using laminaria and vaginal medication. General anesthesia may be used if available or IV sedation and local anesthetic may be given. Surgical instruments are used to grasp and pull fetal parts out through the open cervix. The fetal skull usually needs to be crushed before removal.

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