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Everyone was very kind and very helpful. I felt heard and understood and I later was then reassured by all staff. I appreciate the communication I received from them and their willingness to listen.


June 2023

I loved the positive energy and how informative they are throughout the visit


June 2023

Easy, helpful and friendly


June 2023

I went to Clearway today in order to get an ultrasound at 9 weeks for a planned pregnancy. I am an atheist and was aware that this is a private Christian organization so I was slightly apprehensive about what the experience would be like. Being funded by a religious entity I wasn’t surprised that there were questions regarding my religion, church affiliation etc. I was never pressured to discuss religion once I expressed that I wasn’t interested and was treated very kindly by everyone there. I can’t speak to the experience of those who have gone to this clinic unsure of their plans for the pregnancy, but in my case I felt as though their primary goal was to provide me with great medical care. The nurse I met with was excellent, professional, and explained everything she was going to do prior to starting the ultrasound.


June 2023

Was a very pleasant experience with clearway. Booking an appointment was very quick, with clear amd detailed instructions on what to do and expect on the day of the appointment sent to me. The environment was clean, the staff friendly and professional and best of all it was free!!! I was also provided with follow up support and constant checking in on me. Thank you clearway clinic.


July 2022

Very accommodating and pleasant


June 2023

They are very friendly and care a lot


June 2023

Professional, compassionate staff


June 2023

Helpfulness of putting my mind at ease in early pregnancy


May 2023

Everyone was so friendly, welcoming, and so kind. Would definitely recommend to friends.


May 2023

Amazing all around amazing people, so professional and made it really feel like home and a safe place


May 2023

Amazing all around amazing people, so professional and made it really feel like home and a safe place


May 2023

Clear and concise information and a caring staff


May 2023

Everybody is super nice and they explain everything clarify


April 2023

Friendly, welcoming, make you feel at ease, very informative and knowledgeable.


April 2023

They help me think through my decision


March 2023

Very welcoming sweet employees here. They almost feel like family


March 2023

Professional, nice, clean space


March 2023

It’s a clean facility that offers valuable information, support and guidance to pregnant women


January 2023

They didn’t force anything and gave me all my options


January 2023

They provide a safe space to talk, ask questions, and gain important information


January 2023

Very clear and nonjudgmental, unbiased information


January 2023

Fast and comfortable


December 2022

Good service


December 2022

It was a very calm and nice visit


November 2022

It was a good experience and I received a lot of great information


November 2022

Very supportive and kind, made me feel a lot better


November 2022

Pleasant, understanding, listened, made me very comfortable


November 2021

It was amazing.


March 2020

The staff was very friendly and welcoming, the office was spotless and had covid protocols in place. The nurse and new employee training made me feel comfortable and were informative, they answered all my questions! Overall a great experience.


March 2022

I needed help today and there were a lot of questions that I asked and the Sarah and Kristin answered them. I didn't feel judged or ashamed.


August 2012

Was pleasantly surprised how quickly they were able to get me in to be seen. Their service is fast and the staff is helpful and friendly.


September 2022

So happy with my visit here, amazing staff members couldn’t have wished for any better help. Def recommend coming in for any kind of support and information ladies! Never felt like they were pushing any kind of believe or choice on me just great information and support!


July 2022

I had a great experience here. The clinic is very clean and the staff is kind and professional. I would definitely recommend.


September 2022

Clearway Clinic is very professional, clean and friendly. This is my go-to clinic should I need anything for my health! Kate is knowledgeable and very passionate. She does a great job at educating her patients. Highly recommend to anyone that is looking for great quality and great service.


August 2022

The best clinic I have visited, I loved it and the best of all is totally free. I don't speak much English and they even helped me using the translator on some occasions.


October 2021

I want to thank you guys for nonjudgmental views and the caring heart felt gestures you gave to me.


February 2022

Everyone I spoke to today was respectful and nonjudgmental. They answered all questions that I had and gave me a lot of useful information.


August 2022

You guys are so helpful and friendly


June 2020

It was fast and judgment free and it provided me with the information I needed


March 2019

Clean, comfortable and nonjudgmental.


August 2022

Very professional and informative knowledgeable


February 2021

The process was smooth and I was grateful to get pictures!


January 2022

All the staff members at the clinic are so caring and professional.


April 2020

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