Abortion: Does the father of the baby have rights?

In the state of Massachusetts men have no legal right in a woman’s abortion.  However, studies have revealed that a father has significant influence in the decision regarding the life of his unborn baby.
A decision affects all three (mother, father and child)
Both the mother and the father can leave feeling powerless, upset, and scared when facing an unplanned pregnancy. Sometimes feeling they have very little choice. This important decision affects all three (mother, father, and child).  Even though in the end the woman has the choice to abort, it is the responsibility of the father to be involved in the decision making process.
The father’s role is vital
The father of the baby can play a role in this decision. He can help his partner find the facts, how far along she is, abortion procedures, and abortion risks. He can help her by truly learning how she feels about her pregnancy, what her concerns are, her life goals and what becoming a parent might be like. Many women choose to have an abortion because they do not want to be a single mother. Some are facing financial challenges, or relationship stresses with their partner. The father of the bay can directly impact a woman’s decision by offering commitment to her and their child. He can show this by his actions and taking steps to provide emotional and or financial support.
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