Men and Unplanned Pregnancy: How You Can Help

While most of our content addresses concerns from women, our team at Clearway Clinic supports men as well. Whether you’re a partner, family member or friend, you play an important role, especially during a shocking event like an unplanned pregnancy.
In this post, we address several ways you can support the woman in your life who may feel like she’s run out of options aside from abortion.
It’s understandable if you want to find a solution to a stressful situation like an unplanned pregnancy. Particularly if your partner is wrestling with an unwanted pregnancy, you might think that abortion is the best solution. But the reality is that abortion carries many negative emotional and spiritual side effects for the rest of a woman’s life – and yours as well. This doesn’t even take into consideration the physical ramifications. Listen to what your partner fears, needs and wants – especially if that includes abortion. Be a supportive ear before offering any potential solutions.
Another way you can support a partner or family member who may be pregnant unexpectedly is to do research about the available options. Read about what happens during abortion and how it physically and emotionally affects women. Research the different adoption options if you don’t feel ready to parent. Look into community support groups that offer helpful resources like employment and access to baby care needs if the mother does decide to parent. It’s not just up to the woman in your life to do that; you can play an active support role by participating in the research process.
Need help knowing where to turn or learning about what options there are for women (and their partners) during an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy? At Clearway Clinic, we don’t just help women with this support. As a guy, you are welcome and encouraged to join your partner. In fact, you can even arrange to meet with us by yourself if you feel more comfortable doing that. Sometimes the most difficult part of a stressful experience is not knowing the next steps to take. With unplanned pregnancy, financial troubles and strained relationships often magnify the stress of this process. As stated before, abortion is not the answer to resolving the pressure of an unplanned pregnancy, and often makes things worse. Meet with a counselor about your concerns. Connect with men and other people in your community that offer support and practical resources. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from people, like us at Clearway Clinic, that are willing and desire to walk alongside you.
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