6 Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship

As Valentine’s Day draws near, you probably hear lots of talk about how to celebrate your relationship, grow your intimacy, or even how to meet someone during the pandemic. However, as important as those things are, many people struggle with trauma because of an unhealthy relationship. Emotional, physical, and sexual abuse sadly is very common, and there are signs that a relationship either is unhealthy or will likely become so. To find out more about some of these warning signs, read on.
A healthy relationship, whether it’s romantic or otherwise, consists of two people who can find ways to find support with more than just one person. If you find that your relationship involves one or even both of you overly depending on the other for emotional, physical, or other needs that the other cannot provide, there may be an issue with codependency.
A jealous partner, parent, or friend can suck the life out of you. Jealousy demonstrates a lack of trust or feelings of insecurity or inadequacy. When jealousy is present, that’s an indicator of some unhealthy components of the relationship.
More than simply fighting or getting angry, emotional manipulation is a form of abuse. Emotional manipulation can involve gaslighting, criticism, guilt trips, and similar methods. While not everyone might do so chronically, a relationship that involves regular emotional manipulation is not healthy.
Control is something we all want in life, but that should not extend to the people we love. Any relationship built on trust and boundaries will not express itself in a desire to control someone else’s thoughts or actions. This might look like an attempt to control your bank accounts, job, or time. In many cases, this kind of control is a major red flag for abuse and should not be tolerated.
Trust is vitally important to any relationship. If you do not trust your partner, for example, or if they have expressed distrust in you, it’s time to evaluate your relationship’s health. Without a secure level of trust, your relationship can potentially cause further emotional damage. Consider seeing a therapist either separately or with your partner to work through some of the reasons and/or motivations for the lack of trust.
No one should feel unworthy in a relationship. If you or your partner have expressed feelings of unworthiness or shame because of the dynamics in your relationship, this is not healthy. As stated above, this is different than having an argument here or there. It is absolutely worth consulting a licensed professional to help with the healing process.
Your emotional, physical, and spiritual health are important. Whether it’s related to an unplanned pregnancy or not, the stresses of an unhealthy relationship are immense. We would love to provide resources for help and healing.

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