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Most abortion clinics simply provide abortion services without providing you a range of options. Clearway Clinic explains all of the options available to you and helps you better understand the short and long-term impacts of having an abortion.

Clearway Clinic

This is a community-supported medical clinic, therefore the services are free and insurance will not be billed. We help women concerned about pregnancy or wanting options to navigate their opportunities and make the right choice with their pregnancy.

For more information on how Clearway is different from clinics like Planned Parenthood, see this page.

Our Services

Pregnancy test

Our pregnancy tests can detect the pregnancy hormone as early as 7 to 10 days after conception and you will know the results during your visit. A positive pregnancy test result should be followed by an ultrasound exam to confirm a viable pregnancy. Our pregnancy tests are completely confidential and performed by a licensed medical professional.

Ultrasound Exam

Clearway provides ultrasound exams which are quick, painless, and do not require blood to be drawn, this test will indicate if there is a viable intrauterine pregnancy and determine gestational age (how far along you are). Ultrasounds performed by a licensed medical professional are the only way to know if you are in fact pregnant and if the pregnancy is viable.

Nurse Consultation

Every patient is given 15-20 minutes to discuss her concerns with the nurse before the ultrasound exam or STD testing

Medical Diagnosis

You should never rely on self-testing to conclude that you are pregnant. Our doctors will confirm if you are pregnant and how far along you are.

STD testing

Clearway will test for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea which can be detected by urine. Blood draw and physical exams aren’t necessary. Results are available within one week and if you test positive, treatment is given immediately. Partners will also be treated.

Call for an appointment: 508.438.0144 (Worcester) or 413.351.0070 (Springfield)
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    Worcester Clinic

    Address: 358 Shrewsbury Street

    Tel: 508-438-0144

    Springfield Clinic

    Address: 1259 E. Columbus Avenue Springfield, MA 01105

    Tel: 413-351-0070

    Appointments available Monday thru Thursday 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Contact us about scheduling an earlier or later appointment.

    E-mail: contact@clearwayclinic.com

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