Abortion pressures Worcester-Springfield

Are you being pressured to have an abortion?

No one can force you to have an abortion, regardless of your age or relationship to that person. This includes parents, spouses, boyfriends, guardians, counselors, educators and medical professionals.

1. You MUST refuse to sign any documents provided by your doctor or a clinic which might show your consent to an abortion. You must also refuse to sign any certification that you have been provided information.
2. Advise every medical or clinical staff with whom you have contact that you do not want the abortion and that you will file a formal complaint with the Massachusetts State Board of Medicine. You should let them know that you intend to take legal action with the appropriate agencies. Clearway can direct you to agencies that can offer you free legal help.

3. Contact your local law enforcement office to get immediate help. Contact Clearway to receive referrals
for medical, legal, social and financial aid services available for your situation.

I would strongly recommend any of my friends to come if they were in my situation!
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Abortion pressures Worcester-Springfield MA | Clearway Clinic