Abortion Statistics By Maternal Age

abortion statistics by maternal age

When facing an unplanned pregnancy, things can feel beyond overwhelming. Yet, for many, the choice to have an abortion may seem the only option out of an impossible situation.  Age can be a huge factor in a woman’s pregnancy decision and can be the reason women in certain age brackets are more likely to seek abortion services. In this post, we will discuss abortion statistics by maternal age and some of the reasons women choose abortion in these circumstances. According to the CDC, the abortion rate in the United States equates to about 11.2 abortions per 1,000 live births. 

Abortion in the Teen Years

Pregnancies during the teen years are particularly likely to be described as having been unintended. In fact, up to 82% of the pregnancies experienced by teenagers aged 15–19 are unintended.  Abortion rates continue to be consistent in this age group at around 50%. For a teenager facing an unplanned pregnancy, the decision to choose abortion may seem like the only one. There are several reasons why teenage women feel this is the case:

  • They are still in high school and want to graduate
  • They have no or low access to finances 
  • They fear what their parents will say
  • They are living in an abusive environment
  • They have plans to go to college

These concerns are understandable and can especially seem daunting to a young woman who may not even be able to drive yet. It is very overwhelming and unfortunately, teenagers are often only provided with guidance and materials that promote abortion as the best option.

Abortion In Your Twenties

Abortion statistics by maternal age are quite high for women in their twenties. The CDC states that 57% of all abortions in the US are performed on women between the ages of 20-29. That is a staggering number, especially since this age group includes women who have graduated HS and college.  Similar concerns as the teenage group still affect this age group and impact their reasons for considering abortion, some of which include:

  • They feel a lack of financial security
  • They desire to finish their education
  • They are in an unstable or have no relationship with the baby’s father
  • They lack support from friends and family
  • They have career aspirations and goals

Many of the same scenarios play into the feelings of hopelessness in this age group and abortion is still touted as the best option but it is so important to understand that there are other good options that are just as valid to be understood and contemplated before a decision is made.

Abortion In Your Thirties and Forties

Statistically, abortion rates are the lowest for women in their forties, followed by women in their thirties. This is mostly due to greater financial stability, relationship support, and established career paths. However, surprise pregnancies do still affect women of all ages and can be challenging to manage. For example, concerns surrounding relationships such as infidelity, divorce or separation can cause women stress when they find out they are pregnant. Similarly, worries about financial security in the future are still real struggles that can happen at any age. Regardless of when these factors take place, it’s essential to know that there is hope for any woman facing an unplanned pregnancy, even when abortion might seem to be the only option.

At Clearway Clinic, we have been offering hope and services to women facing unplanned pregnancies for more than 20 years. We consistently help women and families facing these difficult circumstances throughout all stages of their lives, and see women from 15 to 50.   We want you to know that regardless of your age, there is hope for everyone. Contact us to learn more about how Clearway can help you or a loved one who may be facing an unplanned pregnancy today.

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