Adoption and Unplanned Pregnancy

adoption and unplanned pregnancy

If you are pregnant unexpectedly, your options can feel overwhelming. You might feel like abortion is your only choice due to financial hardship, relationship struggles, or any other reason that you may be considering it. However, adoption is an option that could be the right choice. In this article, we’ll discuss why people choose adoption for their babies, what kinds of adoption exist, and the benefits of adoption.

Why You Might Choose Adoption

There are several reasons you might choose to give up your baby for adoption. First, adoption is an alternative to abortion if you are pregnant unexpectedly. Instead of ending your pregnancy, adoption allows your baby to live. You also can have the opportunity to pursue goals like education and a career after having your baby, but you don’t need to rely on abortion to do that. Another reason to choose adoption is if you feel that you cannot parent. Parenting can feel overwhelming if you struggle with finances or relationship issues, so adoption is a good choice in these cases. Finally, you also can bless a family who may not be able to have children. Read on to learn more about adoption and unplanned pregnancy.

Different Kinds Of Adoption

There are two main kinds to consider: closed and open adoption. In a closed adoption, as the birth parent, you would be unable to have a relationship with your biological child once the paperwork is signed. Historically, closed adoptions were the norm. However, open adoptions are much more popular today.  If you choose an open adoption, you can connect with and often even choose the adoptive family. As your child grows, depending on the agreement you sign with the adoptive family, you can often have a relationship with them through phone calls, letters, emails, or even visits.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Adoption

Adoption has pros and cons, as with any other life-changing decision. The advantages of adoption are that you can give your baby life with a loving family if you feel you cannot parent. This makes it a good alternative to abortion. In addition, birth parents can have their child and pursue their educational, financial, relationship, and career goals if they feel that parenting would prevent them from doing so.  There is also the benefit of helping another couple to expand their family if they are unable to. 

Adoption is not a simple decision to make, and some disadvantages exist. 

 The first is the emotional cost of having another family raise your child. There are also some financial costs, but these are more on the side of the adoptive parents. You do have to experience labor and delivery, which can make the emotional factors more challenging.

What About Parental Rights?

In terms of your rights as a parent, you technically have until you sign the paperwork to make a decision about keeping your child. The repercussions of this decision affect several people, including the potential adoptive family, so it’s important to think carefully when weighing this choice. 

Learn More About Your Adoption and Unplanned Pregnancy

If you’re unexpectedly pregnant, it’s important to know about all of your options. Learn more about adoption and whether it’s a good choice for you. Schedule your free visit at Clearway Clinic today.

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