Alternatives to Abortion

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, it’s normal to feel scared, alone, and unsure of what options are available to you. That’s a big reason why Clearway Clinic exists. We want to help you discover alternatives to abortion if you feel parenting is not the best choice for you and your baby.
Put simply, adoption involves legally giving your child to another caretaker or family to raise. There are many reasons you might want to do this, but some include lack of financial resources, an unstable home environment, or if you feel that you’re not ready to parent. You can choose from several different methods of adoption, including Open, Closed, or even semi-open options. Open adoptions refer to a legal agreement in which a birth mother can choose the adoptive family for her child and has regular contact with the adoptive family both before, during, and after the adoption. Sometimes this can even take place through in-person visits, although emails, phone calls, and similar methods occur more regularly. Closed adoptions, on the other hand, mean that even if you do choose the adoptive family, you also make the decision to not have any contact with your child after the adoption. There are several in-between options as well. This decision is very personal and depends on your needs and preferences.
There are several benefits. Here are just a few.

  • ABILITY TO FOLLOW PLANS AND GOALS – If you choose adoption for your baby, you can still pursue education, career, and other goals while knowing that your baby is well cared for by a family that you have a relationship with. The decision to choose adoption for your baby is not easy, and it’s not selfish. Placing your child for adoption if you feel you are not ready or able to parent them yourself is a brave act of selflessness.
  • BLESS ANOTHER FAMILY – Many families, both globally and here in the United States, struggle with infertility or choose to adopt for other reasons, sometimes alongside biological children. If you choose to place your child with a loving family who may have waited years for a child, you know that they will love and cherish your baby. Your choice to choose adoption blesses not only a family but ultimately entire communities of people.
  • YOU CAN KEEP IN CONTACT WITH YOUR BABY – Unlike abortion, if you choose an open adoption, you can have contact with your child and watch them grow and develop even if you aren’t ready to parent. You can feel confident and good about choosing adoption for your child while also connecting with them in a way that is healing and meaningful.

Facing an unplanned pregnancy? Call us to schedule an appointment. We will confirm your pregnancy at no cost to you, discuss your options, and even provide contact information for local adoption agencies if you feel an adoption is an option for you.

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