Are At Home Abortions Dangerous? 

Many unseen dangers and risks of at-home abortions are easily dismissed with new restrictions lifted, allowing abortions without medical supervision. Unfortunately, while it might seem that this shift gives women more control of their health, the truth is just the opposite. 

Why At-Home Abortions Are A Problem

Pregnancy affects not only the pregnant woman but also their family members, partner, and employer. If pregnancy is unplanned, it can lead to conflict and pressures to end the pregnancy, even if the woman is not comfortable with this choice. In addition, with easy access to abortion pills at home, the abortion pill can be misused and unreported, mainly if coercion or force was used to complete the abortion. 
Abortion is a big decision that requires access to information, medical support, and pregnancy verification. Not all pregnancies are viable, and there is also the potential for an ectopic pregnancy that requires medical intervention. If women only take a pregnancy test before ordering mifepristone, they might go through an unnecessary medical treatment that can put their health at risk.
Medical abortions come with potential risks. In fact, they are considered more dangerous than surgical abortions. Some risks include sepsis, incomplete abortion, bacterial infections, and hemorrhaging. These risks are even greater when the abortion is performed at home. There is also growing evidence of an increased risk of premature death caused by chemical abortions, which is another issue if women perform abortions at home without medical supervision. 

Most Women Don’t Know That The Abortion Pill Can Be Reversed 

Another rising problem with at-home abortions is the lack of information and resources regarding abortion pill reversal. You can reverse your abortion and continue with a healthy pregnancy if done in time. However, at-home abortions do not advocate for this option, and women might not have access to this information, causing unnecessary emotional and physical problems. 

What To Do Before Abortion

If you consider an abortion, it is essential to verify your pregnancy to ensure it is viable. At Clearway Clinic, we offer no-cost services to support your pregnancy, verify conception, and provide you with the necessary information to make the best choice for your pregnancy. Schedule an appointment today to receive quality medical care and support so you don’t have to face your pregnancy alone. 

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