Can You Reverse An Abortion?

If you have taken the abortion pill and changed your mind, there is still a chance that you can reverse the abortion. However, if you are considering reversal, it is essential to contact us immediately as this process is time-sensitive. While we know this can be a confusing and scary time, our team is here to offer quick and compassionate care and resources, to help you make an informed and safe decision.
What Is The Abortion Pill?
The abortion pill uses two different medicines (mifepristone and misoprostol to end a pregnancy. First, you will take mifepristone which blocks the body’s progesterone. Then, right after or within 48 hours, you will take the second pill, which causes cramps and uterine bleeding.
Some common side effects of the abortion pill include:

  • Incomplete abortion
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Blood clots in your uterus
  • Infection
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Hot flashes

Can The Abortion Pill Be Reversed?
The Abortion Pill Reversal (APR) can counteract the effect of the initial abortion pill through a safe and proven process. The APR is 64%-68% successful, but immediate action is critical for the pill to work. The APR treatment is safe and there are no known birth defects reported.
How Does The Abortion Pill Reversal Work?
APR replaces your progesterone that was initially blocked by the abortion pill. This hormone is what keeps your pregnancy viable and sustains your baby. This treatment can be performed through a pill, shot, or vaginally.
Quick Facts:
The abortion pill has several side effects
If you act quickly, you can potentially reverse the abortion pill.
The APR replaces progesterone to sustain your pregnancy.
What If I Am Not Ready To Be A Mother?
There are several other options like adoption to consider if you are not ready to become a mother. Each adoption plan is unique, so understanding the process and plan will help you make the most ideal decision for you and your needs.
How Can I Get An Abortion Pill Reversal?
If you are looking to reverse your abortion, we can help.  The process is unique for each individual, so understanding your options will help ensure you get immediate and effective care. As we mentioned previously, there is a time window for the Abortion Reversal Pill to work, so please contact our team today, and we can help you start the process.
Are you considering abortion but haven’t verified your pregnancy yet? We offer no-cost services to help determine your pregnancy status and resources to help you make informed choices for your pregnancy.
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