Changes in REMS For The Abortion Pill

The FDA has recently made some significant changes regarding the restrictions of mifepristone, the abortion pill. Unfortunately, these changes can put women’s health at risk and provide less access to vital information to keep them informed about their pregnancy, choices, and risks. Here’s what you need to know. 

At-Home And Mail-Order Abortions Are Dangerous

There are thousands of prescription drugs that require FDA approval, and just 74 of those require REMS restriction, including mifepristone. However, after concerns about the abortion pill in care settings “burdening” the health care system, it was approved for at-home use. Unfortunately, this decision puts women at risk for bleeding, infection, partial abortion, and no precautions or care from a healthcare provider. Again, it seems that the healthcare system is more important than the health and well-being of women. 

Abortion Pill Reversals

It is also important to note abortion pills can be reversed if proper care is sought quickly, yet the at-home option does not give women access to this information if they change their minds. To date, over 2,000 women have reversed their abortions saving the lives of their babies. But they would have never had the freedom of choice, had they not been educated about the possibility to reverse their abortions. You should have full access to information and treatments in regards to your pregnancy, but these new REM changes might take this right away.

Should You Consider An At-Home Abortion?

The truth is, at-home abortions can be dangerous. You deserve proper care, access to information, and support from a medical provider. At Clearway Clinic, we offer fact-based care and can help you get access to the right information. 
We can also verify your pregnancy before you consider these at-home options. Unfortunately, some pregnancies end in miscarriage. Some might be ectopic and false positives happen, putting you at risk for an unnecessary procedure. Getting confirmation of a viable pregnancy is important. 
Whether you have already taken an abortion pill and want a reversal or you need to verify your pregnancy, call us at 508.438.0144 (Worcester) or
413.351.0070 (Springfield). 

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