Clarity & Control in a time of Confusion

When you were younger, did you think to yourself that there was just no way you would ever allow yourself to be in an unplanned pregnancy and considering abortion?  And yet… here you are.  And you think that your current situation isn’t fit to have a kid.  You want to wait until you’re in a solid relationship, once you’ve found “the right guy” before actually having a kid.
But now… the reality is you’re pregnant.  And you really don’t know what to do.  You might feel lost and unsure of what your options are.  You know you can get an abortion, but you’re wondering what that entails, what that looks like, and also if there are any other options.
At Clearway Clinic, we can bring clarity and control to your time of confusion.  Our licensed medical staff can confirm your pregnancy and take care of any ambiguity for you during this frustrating time.  Along with confirming your pregnancy and its viability, our patient services team educates women on the options that are available to them at this time, based on how far along they are.
Knowledge is power at this time in your life.  Be sure that you are educated and informed so that you make a decision that you are most comfortable with.  So, if this blog speaks right to you, and you’re wondering what an abortion entails, what your options are with getting an abortion, and also if there are any other options… we can help!  Our staff gladly awaits your phone call and would love to help you schedule an appointment!
*Our services are 100% free and confidential.

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