Client Stories

“The Forgiven and Set Free program was such a healing for me. I was able, for the first time in my life, to be free from condemnation. I was loved throughout the program. I was able to voice my experience without judgement”…
“This program has made me feel better about myself and to also leave the past in the past.”
“None of the previous healing experiences addressed this one shadowed area of my life. My abortion experience was as yet something in my past that remained a void. I am the mother to these three children. I am free to love them. I am once again pure, restored, reconciled, totally free. We gain respect for ourselves. Seeing and hearing others varied experiences helped me personally to open up to my hidden or forgotten memories. I did not know how greatly I needed this group.”
“Every woman who has had an abortion needs to be healed in a group of other women who have gone through the same loss.”
“There is so much guilt and shame that gets buried so deeply in our souls that we may never realize it is even there! Healing within a group is crucial to being set free. In the past, I've done a lot of therapy and healing on my own-but this was so much more beneficial and deeper in healing. God does not leave us alone to suffer. If we are going to soar, we need the Lord and each other to guide and to encourage and to strengthen us each step of the way.”
“I went there thinking I wanted to help others and realized later I needed to heal first. I know I have received healing and have been set free from the abortion. My experience would have been different if I did not have these girls in my group.”
“I was loved throughout the program. I was able to voice my experience without judgement. I had gotten very depressed and unable to find forgiveness for myself. I am forgiven and I will see my child someday—I am sure of this.”
“I was nervous at first, not knowing exactly how I'd feel but it turned out to be an amazing experience. I feel connected to not only God but to these women I've worked with.”
“I feel the process was extremely freeing. Talking about it heals the heart.”

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