DIY Home Abortions

Due to restrictive laws and the current political climate, the number of DIY home abortions has been increasing. Unfortunately, these DIY abortions include purchasing black-market abortion pills, along with other dangerous, self-induced abortion methods. 
As access to abortions continues to change, the number of women put in dangerous situations will continue to rise. Typically an abortion is done under the supervision of a medical professional, which can reduce the risks and dangers of the procedure. However, as women take abortions into their own hands, they are losing the care and information they need to make a safe and informed choice. 

Underground Abortion Pills

Misoprostol, the first pill taken during an abortion, is easy to find and buy. Some women will travel to Mexico to get the pill without a prescription, while others turn to the black market. While acquiring the first dose of the abortion process is easy, the second medication required to complete an abortion is much harder to come by. A medical abortion requires a dosage of Mifepristone that is taken after Misoprostol. Mifepristone is highly regulated and nearly impossible to get outside of a medical clinic. If women cannot get the sound dosage for their at-home abortion, they might result in having an incomplete abortion or a baby with birth defects. 

Lack Of Medical Care for DIY Home Abortions

Alongside the dangers of at-home abortions and the possibility of an incomplete abortion is the lack of medical care and supervision women receive when using a DIY abortion method. An important part of the abortion process is verifying the pregnancy test. While pregnancy tests are accurate, they do not show how far along a woman is or verify that their pregnancy is viable. As a result, some women can experience an ectopic pregnancy which is not viable and is an emergency situation. There is also the possibility that women are further along than they thought, and this can also increase the chances of incomplete abortion. 
Since DIY abortions typically require using herbs and unregulated medications, there is a chance of allergic reaction or dangerous side effects that a doctor does not monitor. This can lead to emergency care needs and even more dire circumstances. There is also the issue of DIY abortions not being regulated, and most women will not have the resources to seek medical care if they encounter a problem. 
DIY abortions can be dangerous, and there are other options. If you need a no-cost ultrasound, medical consultations, or information regarding your options, we can help. We offer judgment-free medical care, and we are here to provide you with support as you navigate your tough decisions. You do not have to go through this process alone, and we aim to give you the resources, referrals, and medical information needed to make an informed and safe decision for you and your pregnancy.

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