Nope! However, making an appointment ahead of time ensures we can get you scheduled and cared for as soon as possible.

Appointments are available Monday through Friday, between 9am and 3:30 pm.

We offer late appointments until 5:30PM once a week at each clinic. Please call our clinics directly for more information if you need a late appointment.

As early as 1 day after your missed period. 

Nope, both clinics offer free parking right out front.

As of May 2023, masks are no longer required inside our clinics.

The first visit usually goes 1 hour, while any additional appointments usually run 30 minutes.

Pregnancy test results and preliminary ultrasound exam information will be given at the initial appointment.

A photo ID, and that’s it! If you’re having an ultrasound, drink plenty of water before arriving.

All of our services are totally free and don’t require referrals or insurance. We’re a nonprofit with supporters from Central and Western MA, as well as other states, that want to ensure excellent health care is available for everyone.

Nope! All services are free.

Sure thing! Clearway protects your privacy and complies with HIPAA restrictions, so all we need is your written authorization.

Yes! We believe that having a support person with you is extremely important. However, if you bring a baby or child with you, please make sure you have another adult come to stay with them during the medical portion of your appointment.

No parental consent is needed for our services.

If you recently had an abortion from a medical provider, please follow their instructions carefully and contact them immediately if you have severe pain, nausea, fever, excessive bleeding, or any worsening symptoms. We can see you 6 weeks after your abortion, provided you are not still experiencing complications from the abortion procedure.

If you’re having difficulty with your abortion emotionally and need someone to talk to, we have a dedicated after-abortion care team who will meet with you one-on-one. This is not professional counseling or psychiatric care, but a caring team to help you process your emotions. The appointment is one hour; simply call the clinic and ask to meet with our after-abortion care team. You can also email clearpast@clearwayclinic.com for more information.


We provide a pre-abortion consultation and ultrasound exam to confirm your pregnancy. We do not provide, prescribe, or refer for abortions.

No, we don’t provide these products.

No, as we provide ultrasounds to assess the viability of your pregnancy and the gestational age. Your primary OB or GP can provide you with an ultrasound to determine the sex of your baby, typically done around 18-20 weeks.

It is illegal for anyone to force you to have an abortion, regardless of your age or whether it’s your boyfriend, parents, husband, doctor, or a family member.

No one can force you to have an abortion.

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