How Does Adoption Work?

If you are considering adoption, you might have hopped on a google search to learn more, only to be bombarded with thousands of results and overwhelming information. The truth is adoption is a big decision, and there are several options and types of adoption to choose from. We understand that this can be complicated to navigate, so we are always available to walk you through the beginning of the process and offer resources. 


What Is Adoption?

Adoption is when the legal guardians of a child relinquish their parental rights. Typically you will pick an adoption agency or attorney and pick the birth family for your baby. In most cases, you will not pay anything for the adoption, and the agency will most likely cover your medical bills for the delivery and pregnancy care. 

Why Do Women Choose This Option?

There are many reasons and circumstances that can lead you to adoption. But, ultimately, it comes down to whatever is the best option for you and your unborn child. Here are a few reasons you might consider adoption:

  • You are not ready to become a parent.
  • Your partner is not involved, and you do not want to be a single parent.
  • You want to start college or have another future-related dream that does not fit with becoming a parent at this time.
  • You can’t afford a child.

Of course, there can be other reasons to consider adoption, but these are some of the most common reasons for the decision. 

What Is The Adoption Process?

The adoption process is highly personal, and there are many plans to choose from. However, the typical approach is as follows:

  1. You will choose what type of adoption you want.
  2. You select your attorney or agency.
  3. Then you select the family that will be adopting the baby.
  4. Lastly, you deliver the baby and relinquish your parental rights.

Whether you choose an open or closed adoption, the process either ends here for you or continues with updates and visits with the adoptive family. 

How Do I Know If Adoption Is The Right Choice?

This is a truly personal decision and question that will come down to your lifestyle, what you can provide for your child, and whether or not you and the father are ready to become parents. This is not a minor decision, so ensure you have all the necessary information and representation. If you are unsure of where to start or what your other options are, our clinic offers no-cost appointments to verify your pregnancy, offer care, and help you navigate the many options available to you. Schedule an appointment today for support. 

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