How to Respond to Unwanted Abortion Pressures

When you feel the pressure to make a decision you’re unsure about, it can be difficult to know how to respond. This is especially true with abortion. However, no matter how close someone is to you, it is your decision in the end. Abortion affects you physically and emotionally, and it’s a decision you can’t take back. For this reason, it’s important to be informed. How do you handle unwanted abortion pressures? Here are some tips to address these pressures.
Many people do not understand what goes on during abortions. It’s easy to have an opinion about a procedure when it does not affect you personally. The first part of responding to the pressure to have an abortion is to be informed about what happens during the procedures. This is especially important if people are telling you that it’s “no big deal”. By educating yourself and others about abortion, you can help influence a change in mind with the people you care about most.
As contrary as it may seem, staying calm during conversations about abortion with a partner, parent, or another influential relationship is important. Since abortion is such a controversial topic, tempers can rise quickly, especially when there aren’t other known options. Do your best to listen at first without offering your opinion. By staying calm and listening to the reasons why someone might think abortion is the best option, you can use that to your advantage when looking into possible alternatives.
Despite what the loudest voices out there might say, there are alternatives to abortion. Adoption is not the same isolated experience it was a few generations ago. There are now open and semi-open adoption plans that mean you can have a relationship with your child even if you are not ready to parent. If you feel that parenting is absolutely out of the question, consider adoption – or at the very least, learn more about it. An initial free consultation at Clearway Clinic is a good place to start.
A supportive team is vital when you face opposition with a decision on whether or not to have an abortion. If you know that your partner or parents will be opposed no matter the reasons you give for deciding not to abort, finding a support team can make all of the difference. At Clearway Clinic, we offer resources like adoption service referrals, parenting assistance like childcare, and access to diapers and supplies if needed. Most of all, we give you an empathetic, listening ear. We are here to help educate, inform, and support you every step of the way without judgment.
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