How To Support Someone Going Through An Abortion

Abortion rates are high amongst women experiencing unplanned pregnancies—the WHO found that 6 in 10 unintended pregnancies will end in abortion. What is troubling is that not all women know they have access to an abortion reversal if they change their minds, which could help if they decide to keep the pregnancy. 

How To Offer Support After Abortion

Getting an abortion is an emotional experience that can affect women mentally and physically. It is a significant life change, and they will most likely need your support through this time. Here are some ways you can offer support.
1.) Be there to listen. 
Having someone who will listen to you with no judgment can make all the difference in the world. Don’t ask too many questions, just allow them to vent if they need to, and respect if they want some time alone to process.
2.) Offer support.
Make them a meal, help with cleaning the house, run an errand, or whatever else you can do to make their lives a little easier as they go through this challenging time. 
3.) Give them time.
No one is going to get better in a day after an abortion. It takes time to heal both physically and mentally from this experience. So be generous with time and understanding, which can make all the difference in the world.
4.) Don’t be judgmental.
It can be easy to judge others and blame them for deciding to get an abortion. However, this is no easy decision to make, and judgment is the last thing they need right now, especially if they are experiencing regret. Give them grace and be understanding. This is not easy to go through regardless of the “why.”

Can You Reverse An Abortion?

If someone you love regrets their decision to get an abortion, they might be able to reverse the abortion if they get help in time. Likewise, if you know someone experiencing abortion regret, we can help. Reach out to our clinic as soon as possible to get more information on how to reverse abortion. 
If you know someone considering an abortion but they are not sure if it’s the right decision, we can help them. Many other options are available, like adoption, legal guardianship, and parenting.

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