How to Talk to Your Family About an Unplanned Pregnancy

An unplanned pregnancy can easily send you into a frenzy. How do you tell your partner and your family? What will they think? Will you have their support, or will they be against your decision? While these questions can weigh heavily on your mind, there are some ways to approach this conversation so that you feel supported and prepared.
Verify Your Pregnancy
One step is very important. Before talking to loved ones about your pregnancy, getting a pregnancy confirmation from a doctor is essential. Usually, the first question they will ask is “are you sure?” This is followed by “how far along are you?” This will give you and your family factual information to process.   We also encourage our patients to bring their partner or key support person to the appointment. Our team wants you to be as supported as possible for this important decision.
Know Your Options
Once you have verified your pregnancy, you may explore the different options available. Some options you might consider are adoption or becoming a parent yourself. We know a lot goes into these decisions, so our team offers no-cost care to explore this with you.
While not an option per se, we know that about 20% of pregnancies will end in miscarriage, particularly in early pregnancy, so it is important for you to know if this pregnancy is viable.
Have Information Prepared
Whether you have made a decision or are still considering your options, having as much information as possible about your options will help open up and guide the conversation. In addition, your family will likely ask you what you plan to do, so having some strong options will support the discussion.
Pick a Good Time to Talk
While it might not seem like there’s a “perfect time” to talk, try to find the time where your loved ones can come together in a calm and unrushed manner. Let them know you would like to speak with them about something important and know you need an hour of uninterrupted time. This will set the tone and allow the conversation to happen naturally, without outside interruptions.  Be open and honest. This can be hard news to take in, and it might take time for your family to adjust to this big change. Try not to get discouraged and allow some space for them to process their emotions too.
Ask for Support
Let your family know that you need support. This is a big life change, and you need them on your side. If you feel like you need extra, outside support, we can also help provide pregnancy care, resources, and support.
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