How to Tell Your Parents about Your Pregnancy

If you’re under 18 and/or still living under your parent’s roof, getting a positive pregnancy test can be very scary. However, if you’re like many young women, having to tell your parents about your pregnancy may feel worse. This is especially the case if your parents are strict or have certain expectations. If you have a close relationship with your parents, you may be afraid of disappointing them. While this discussion is rarely an easy one, there are some things you can do to make the process slightly more comfortable.
When having any important discussion, timing is key. Don’t start the conversation when you or your parents are hungry, tired, or both. Similarly, make sure to have time to have a discussion. Although you may think that being able to leave quickly is a better option for you, it’s not a good idea to drop big news like a pregnancy while you’re on the way out the door. If possible, carve out a designated time where you know you can have your parents’ undivided attention.
You might be nervous about how your parents will react to your news. It’s a good idea to prepare for several different possibilities. Your parents might be angry, or they might cry. Maybe they won’t seem to show any emotion at all. However your parents react, know that it depends on their personalities and your relationship with them. Expect that emotions can change over time as well.
It might be helpful to research some of your options before telling your parents. While you don’t have to have any or all of the ideas in place, you may feel more comfortable after doing some research on your own.  Even if it’s tempting, don’t make any rash decisions without including your parents. Look into options like adoption and parenting before assuming abortion is the right or only option. To learn more about your options, book a free consultation at Clearway Clinic. You can also schedule a follow-up appointment with your parents if you think that would be helpful.
Finally, consider having a support person with you during the conversation if you’re very concerned or anxious. This can be the baby’s father (if possible), a good friend, or another family member. Having a third-party present can make you feel more comfortable and safe. If need be, you might want to plan somewhere to stay for a few days to give your parents time to process the news.
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