Mail Order Abortion Pills – What You Need to Know


Mail Order Abortion Pills – What You Need to Know

Medical abortion is a recent method in which a licensed medical professional (doctor/clinic) prescribes specific pills to terminate a pregnancy. It is important for you to know that any type of procedure performed or medication taken must be under the supervision of a legal medical provider for your own safety. Unfortunately, there is a growing industry of “mail-order” abortion pills, and you need to be aware of the risks.
The FDA recently released a statement in regard to websites selling mis-branded and unapproved abortion drugs. These new drugs are not approved by the FDA and, in fact, have no safety checks for contaminants. The drugs commonly come from other countries without any production oversight. Even effectiveness has been questioned as some pills are counterfeit (containing different ingredients) which has led to severe complications or even the death of some women. The FDA “remain[s] very concerned about the sale of unapproved mifepristone for medical termination of early pregnancy on the internet, because this bypasses important safeguards designed to protect women’s health.” Any medical service should always be secured through a legal medical provider and pharmacy.
Sometimes a quick and inexpensive solution might seem perfect, but your health and well being are not really being considered. Make sure you read the liability statements on the website and you will find that they clearly will take no responsibility for anything that happens to you. In fact, if you are in need of medical attention after taking the pills, the website instructs you to simply tell the doctor you are having a miscarriage rather than telling the truth that you took the abortion pills. This is simply deceitful. Read all the information, liabilities and disclaimers and you will see they are more interested in protecting themselves rather than you. Any institution that encourages you to be dishonest with medical professionals who are there to help you, should cause us to ask questions and look closer into the transparency of their methods. The disconnect of the mail order abortion pill industry from FDA oversight is potentially harmful to consumers.
Other Facts to Consider Before Taking This Risk:

  • You may be further along than 10 weeks. Especially if you have been on hormonal birth control methods which can change your cycles. Your last period gives only a general idea about how far along you are; only an ultrasound can confirm gestational growth. So a medical abortion after ten weeks would not be successful, a waste of money and potential risk to your own health.
  • You may already be at risk for miscarriage. There are many cases in which the gestational sac is empty, the pregnancy is not progressing or there is fetal demise, but you may still be registering positive pregnancy testes because the hormone hCG is still in your system (your body still thinks you are pregnant). An ultrasound can confirm this, not a pregnancy test. If this is the case with your pregnancy you are putting your health at greater risk undergoing unnecessary treatment or surgery for something that the body will naturally expel anyway.
  • Your pregnancy may be abnormal. Molar pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy are fairly common, yet serious conditions that cannot be detected by a urine test. You may have a positive pregnancy test, but these pregnancies will not be viable and there are other necessary surgical procedures for these conditions. In the case of ectopic, an abortion pill could cause serious complications.
  • Ultrasound can detect other medical conditions. An ultrasound could detect other things such as an ovarian cyst or polycystic ovaries. Taking the abortion pill in these scenarios could cause unforeseen medical complications. You will need to consult a doctor in these cases before undergoing any termination method.

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