Men and Unplanned Pregnancy

Men and Unplanned Pregnancy
This unplanned pregnancy affects him too – he may just not know how to talk about it.  
Most men are not as expressive as women about what they are thinking or feeling. They often do not talk about things as much as women do, or in the same way, so don’t think that his silence means he doesn’t care.  
It is important to ask him what his real feelings and thoughts are.  Most people are aware that the woman has the legal right to decide the outcome of a pregnancy, so he may be afraid to voice his real feelings knowing it may be misunderstood as “pressuring.”  Men do have a right to voice their thoughts and feelings. First, because he is now involved with the outcome of the pregnancy in one way or the other. Second, because you may be in a relationship and it will affect him because he cares about you.
Although there are men who would rather walk away than support you through this decision, the reality is this:  

  • the two of you have decided to be in a physical relationship together
  • conception takes two people
  • decisions about the unplanned pregnancy should be made together
  • both of you have the responsibility to work together as best you can
  • both of you will experience either PAIN or JOY based on the decision made
  • why not walk through the unknown together since that is how it started?
  • you can be a powerful support to one another

Remember, abortion not only creates loss for women, it creates loss for men too.  Many women have stated that they wished he would have told her what he really thought, rather than simply saying “I support you.” Both lives will be forever changed regardless of the decision that is made.
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