Parenting: It’s Not All Bad!

PARENTING – It’s Not All Bad //

Being a parent definitely has its challenges, but there is an infinite number of joyful and wonderful things about being a mom or dad. Parenthood will actually surprise and excite you, so don’t be so quick to accept everyone else’s negative talk. Here are some great things about being a parent:

  • Unexplainable Love: You will experience a love that goes beyond all other loves you have known. The love of a child toward his/her mother and father is unconditional. Your heart will explode with joy every time your baby smiles at you, and just wait until you hear those full on belly laughs – they reach the deepest parts of you and make you melt.
  • Personal Growth: Not only are you teaching your child all those important things about life and independence, but your child will become your teacher in many ways. As you navigate parenthood this little life will give you so many wonderful insights and understandings about life, relationships and humanity.
  • Strong Character: Parenting will challenge you, yes, but it will sharpen you into a better, more compassionate, knowledgeable person. It builds strong character, resilience and perseverance. It will shape you and mature you in ways you didn’t even know you needed.
  • Thankfulness: You begin to cherish the simple things in life and realize that the small things are often the most important. You will also have new perspective on your own mother – the sacrifices, challenges, and decisions she had to make that you may never have realized before. No one is perfect; we are all doing the best we can with what we have to work with.
  • FUN: You get to play again! Toys, picnics, swinging, snow forts, snuggly movie times, coloring, stories, games… the list is endless!

Be courageous and give parenting a try! Don’t try to do it alone because we all need encouragement, help and coaching in every area of our life. Find a support system to help you – whether it’s family, friends, neighbors, a faith community, or local groups and organizations to enable you to be your best and support you on this amazing journey called motherhood. You will not regret it!

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