Post-Abortion: Psychological Effects

Post Abortion: Psychological Effects //

At first after an abortion, most women report feelings of relief after the pressure “to get it over with” and move on with life. However, lasting psychological effects of abortion experiences are regularly being documented and growing according to studies.
Studies have shown there is an average of 5-10 year period of denial resulting from the trauma of the experience and causing a woman to repress her feelings. Psychologists agree that repressed feelings of any kind can result in psychological and behavioral problems.
Because a woman’s focus at the time of pregnancy and abortion was to survive the crisis and take care of the pregnancy quickly, often without anyone else knowing, they are left to process all of the thoughts and emotions afterward. This can be overwhelming for the psyche to navigate and has resulted in numerous mental health concerns for post-abortive women.
Studies show that after an abortion experience…

  • The first feelings of relief are often followed by a time that psychiatrists call “paralysis” or “numbness” – unable to feel or express their emotions.
  • 40-60% of women report negative feelings within the first weeks
  • Within 8 weeks – 55% have guilt, 44% have nervous disorders, 36% have difficulty sleeping, 31% regretted their decision, 11% required psychotropic medicine from a doctor
  • In a study of 500 post abortive women, half had negative feelings about what they had done and up to 10% developed serious psychiatric complications
  • 30-50% report either short or long term sexual dysfunctions
  • Decades later women report having emotional crisis with the beginning of menopause that counselors have linked back to the abortion experience
  • Women who have been involved in post abortion counseling have reported over 100 major reactions to abortion
  • Self-hatred, drug abuse, alcohol use and suicidal ideation or attempts also affect a significant amount of post-abortive women

These statistics are honestly, staggering. So many women make an abortion decision, assume everything will be done and over, but end up dealing with a lot more than they were told; they are haunted for the rest of their lives by one decision.
A woman’s long term mental health is important to live a full and satisfying life. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. If you are already having doubt or feeling conflicted about terminating a pregnancy know that you are at an even higher risk for Post Abortion Syndrome.

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