Pregnancy Does Not Mean Your Life is Over

Pregnancy Does Not Mean Your Life is Over
It’s a great time to be a woman! Women have more opportunities afforded to them now for education, career and parenthood than ever before. It used to be that when a woman conceived she would have to drop out of school and give up any hope of school or career. That time is long gone.We no longer have to choose between school/career and parenting. Although it may take extra effort and a little more time than you planned, you can work toward a career and parent at the same time.

  • High Schools across the country actively look for ways to keep students enrolled in school no matter what the obstacle. They design programs specifically for situations like yours.
  • Most communities, community colleges and public school systems offer GED or diploma programs with day or evening classes to complete a high school education.
  • Many colleges will work with students dealing with unplanned pregnancy to finish semesters or degrees. Talk with a trusted professor or student services director to discover your options and make a plan.
  • Online degree programs allow you to complete a degree from home while still taking care of your baby at a more affordable cost.
  • is a website devoted to encouraging and helping single moms in many areas.
  • is a website that helps women professionals find flexible, legitimate, home based work.
  • There are often lots of parenting support groups in your community to help new moms and dads be supported. From prenatal education, breastfeeding support, parenting classes, child loss support groups, postpartum and others, you can be sure to find one that fits your needs! Check with your primary care doctor, local hospital, DTA and local churches to find a group.

You can do it! With information, planning and the right support system, you can achieve any goal you have. Start doing internet research, ask questions, and talk to your guidance counselors and professors. You never know until you start looking and often times the information will not be readily available until you ask. Talk to family and friends about your goals as well. You never know who will be excited to help you reach your goals with connections, childcare help or even finances.

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