Are Pregnancy Resource Centers Legitimate?

In recent days, there has been some misinformation about pregnancy resource centers and the services they offer. Are pregnancy resource centers like Clearway Clinic legitimate? Are we health clinics? Can we be trusted to provide excellent care? The short answer is: yes! Read on to discover how Clearway Clinic and other pregnancy resource centers help local communities by providing medical services and other offerings. These features include medically certified staff, clean facilities, technological use, and safety and confidentiality procedures.

Board Certified Medical Providers

One of the questions about whether pregnancy resource centers are legitimate has to do with the staff. At Clearway Clinic, our medical providers are board certified. That means that you can trust our knowledge and aptitude for the advice we provide. This includes the nurses who provide the consultation during a visit as well as ultrasound technicians. When it comes to the legitimacy of Clearway Clinic, our staff are trusted and credentialed professionals in their fields. 

Clean and Professional

When you visit any medical facility, you expect a clean and professional environment. As a local pregnancy resource center serving central and western Massachusetts, our facilities meet the standards of any other medical office. We maintain a clean and professional facility in both of our locations. Our staff follows medical cleanliness protocols to ensure our clients have access to treatment in a comfortable and welcoming space. 

Medical Technology 

An important aspect of providing excellent care to women considering abortion is medical technology. Technology like ultrasounds plays an important role in why some women decide to choose life instead of abortion. With an ultrasound, a woman can see her baby move and kick before she may be able to feel any movements. Ultrasounds also provide a way to confirm pregnancy viability. Clearway Clinic joins many other pregnancy center resource centers in offering these services at no charge to women in the community. 

Safe and Confidential

One concern some may have when researching pregnancy resource centers like Clearway Clinic is whether we protect patient safety and confidentiality. This is especially a concern for young women under the age of 18 facing an unplanned pregnancy. Clearway Clinic provides safe and confidential appointments to all of our patients, including minors. Instances of mandatory reporting, like a threat of suicide or self-harm, are the exception to this, but that is also the case at other medical facilities. Another important feature of our care model is that we provide this level of excellent medical care at no cost to our patients. Cost and fears about notifying insurance providers can be a deterrent, but Clearway Clinic takes care of those concerns. Our goal is to provide informative, medically accurate care to women in need of advice and assistance facing an unplanned pregnancy who are considering abortion. This is also the case with other pregnancy resource centers as well.

Pregnancy Resource Centers Are Legitimate

This post provides the answer to whether pregnancy resource centers like Clearway Clinic are legitimate. We hope this clarifies and equips you to know more about what we offer. If you or someone you know is pregnant and considering abortion, call today to make a free appointment to meet with one of our board-certified providers.

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