Prenatal Care

Prenatal Care
Prenatal means “before birth.” Prenatal care is the medical care recommended for pregnant women which monitors the progress of the pregnancy and the health of the unborn baby. It can also identify potential complications that can be either prevented or treated early. The consequences of not having prenatal care can be very serious. It also ensures your health so that you can stay healthy and strong not only through labor and delivery, but also in the following months of recovery so you are well enough physically, emotionally, and the mentally to take care of your new baby. Regular prenatal appointments and check-ups are all important so don’t miss any.
There are basic routine visits you can expect. And if your situation includes any high risk factors (as determined by your doctor) you may have additional check ups:

  • About once a month for weeks 4-28
  • Twice a month for weeks 28-36
  • Weekly for weeks 36-birth
  • Postpartum check up – 3 weeks after delivery
  • Additional check ups as determined by your OB/GYN
  • Regular yearly visits to your gynecologist

Regular gynecology care is important for all women especially if you are planning to become pregnant.

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