The Pros and Cons of Adoption

If you or someone you know faces an unplanned pregnancy and parenting is not something you feel ready for, abortion is not the only option available to you. Adoption is a great choice if you don’t want to or cannot parent but you decide that abortion is also not something you can consider. It’s important to consider that adoption is not the same as it used to be. There are several ways to approach adoption, some of which can involve being in touch with your child even after they are adopted. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the pros and cons of adoption. Let’s start with the pros.
The first pro of adoption is that you can develop a relationship with your child without having to parent if you don’t feel able to. This is known as open adoption. Open adoption works by establishing a formal relationship with your child’s adoptive family. This agreement gives you options to stay in contact with your child through email, phone calls, and even in-person visits. The nature of these options differs depending on your relationship, distance, and the comfort level of everyone involved.
Secondly, adoption gives your baby a chance to live while also freeing you from the responsibility of parenting. Whether you are a student, face financial difficulties, or experience social pressure, you might feel that parenting is just not possible. Adoption is an excellent choice in these circumstances.
A third benefit of adoption is that you can bless another family with the gift of a child. Many families seek adoption because of infertility, personal preference, and many other reasons. Abortion robs you, your child, and a potential adoptive family of this gift. Your decision to place your child for adoption has a greater impact than you may ever know.
A commonly cited con of adoption is that you need to legally surrender your child to another family after birth. This can often be an incredibly difficult process, especially after carrying your baby for the duration of the pregnancy and experiencing childbirth. This is a vitally important factor to consider if you are thinking about adoption for your child.
Adoption can also be a stressful legal process. Sometimes there are tricky situations to navigate with adoptive parents, as well as assumptions from your own friends or family.
Finally, adoption does mean that you won’t have access to your child in the same way as you would if you chose to parent. While that might seem like a benefit now, some women change their minds about pursuing adoption during and even after giving birth. Adoption is a permanent, legally binding decision that should not be considered lightly.
Although there are both pros and cons to the process, adoption gives your child the opportunity that an abortion does not. Thinking of adoption or want to learn more about it? Schedule a free meeting with one of our Clearway Clinic Advocates – no strings attached!

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