Warning Signs of Suicide

Warning Signs of Suicide //

Suicide rates are highest among teens, young adults and the elderly but can affect anyone. It is not a diagnosable illness, it’s a result of other events in a person’s life or treatable disorders like depression, PTSD, substance abuse and others. Sometimes if an unplanned pregnancy or past abortion causes distress, trauma, remorse or regret these signs can appear. Know the warning signs so that you can help someone in a time of need.
Any of the following may be signs that someone is considering suicide:

  • Sadness and moodiness that is extreme or long lasting
  • Hopelessness about the future with no hope that anything will change
  • Sleep problems
  • Withdrawing from social activities, contact with friends and family as well as losing interest in activities that were once enjoyable
  • Sudden calmness after a time of moodiness and depression can indicate a decision to end his/her life
  • Harmful behaviors that put him/herself in danger
  • Changes in personality or appearance
  • Recent trauma or life crisis can trigger suicidal thoughts
  • Making preparations by giving away items or making a will
  • Threat of suicide – over 50% of people considering suicide will give someone else an indication

Any warning sign or threat of suicide should be taken seriously. If you or a loved one is exhibiting any of these signs reach out for help today because there is always hope!
National Suicide Prevention Hotline – 1-800-273-8255 // www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org

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