What Are Some Signs That You Might Be Pregnant?

What Are Some Signs That You Might Be Pregnant?
When is the right time to call and get a pregnancy test done? What symptoms should you be looking for?
The most important sign is that you have missed your period. In most women, this means they are far enough along for a pregnancy test to be accurate. Before that time, even if other symptoms occur, the test will most likely not produce accurate results.
What are some of the other symptoms of early pregnancy? The most common are: feeling queasy (or even outright sick) either first thing in the morning or all day; breast tenderness; frequent urination; feeling more tired than normal; being light-headed or dizzy and craving certain foods.
However, most of these symptoms (with the possible exception of breast tenderness) can also be signs of flu or other types of sickness. That is why it is best to wait until one has missed a period before getting a pregnancy test.
While it is true that some women get some type of period well into their pregnancy, this is a fairly rare thing. Spotting in early pregnancy is not uncommon, but a full, heavy period is. The female body is built to keep the uterine lining once a new life has become implanted there. The menstrual period is what happens when that lining is sloughed off each month when it is not needed.
If you have missed a period and even have some of the other symptoms of pregnancy, please call our helpline at 508-438-0144 to set up an appointment for a free pregnancy test. If the results are positive and you are at least 5 weeks (according the first day of your last period) we will most likely offer you a free ultrasound as well.

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