What Is Embryo Adoption?

Although we mainly discuss topics related to unplanned pregnancies and the options for those seeking alternatives to abortion, technology has allowed for some exciting developments for families struggling to conceive. One of those is embryo adoption. You’re probably familiar with more traditional adoption options, but increased technological advances now make it possible for an infertile couple to adopt a child from an embryo. Read on for a basic introduction to embryo adoption and its unique benefits.
A basic definition of embryo adoption is the process of transferring a fertilized egg from a previous successful in-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment from another mother and then implanting the egg into your uterus. In medical literature, it has generally been available as an option for at least 30 years. After the embryo transfer, as the adoptive mother, you carry and deliver the baby. Embryo adoption is not a legal term as adoption legally refers to the placement of a live baby into a family other than the biological unit. However, it has some unique benefits that other forms of adoption do not offer.
The first unique benefit of embryo adoption is that it allows for an IVF couple to give their frozen embryos to another family. For some families who undergo IVF, they may have many eggs fertilized during the process. These eggs are typically frozen until a future embryo transfer or thaws out to die. If you have the opportunity to donate your eggs either from a previous IVF cycle or in the future, you could help give life to a family who might not get to experience it otherwise. What a wonderful way to bless others with what you’ve been given!
For a family struggling with infertility, adoption is a wonderful option. However, most adoptive families do not get the experience of carrying and delivering a baby. These are very meaningful events and with the development of technologies like embryo adoption, adoptive parents get to bond with their baby and experience pregnancy and delivery. It truly is a special and unique kind of adoption.
Like other adoption programs, embryo adoption can be costly. The process also involves the actual IVF transfer procedure, which you might find uncomfortable. Similarly, surrogacy is not an option within embryo adoption, so if you would prefer not to carry and/or deliver a baby, it’s best to look into other alternatives.
Embryo adoption provides many families struggling to conceive with the opportunity to carry and deliver their adoptive babies. It is a special and unique gift to those who may not be able to have the experience of pregnancy.
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