What Services Does Clearway Clinic Offer?

At Clearway Clinic, we have many services we offer to support our patients’ health, safety, and medical care in the Worcester and Springfield, Massachusetts area. We provide medical consultations, Pregnancy testing in MA, STD testing, ultrasounds, abortion recovery services, and local resources. 

Medical Consulting 

We provide in-person medical consultations and diagnoses from our trained medical staff. If you are pregnant, we can verify how far along you are and provide resources and a referral to an OB. We also offer a 15-20 minute consult prior to your testing or exam to cover any concerns you might have. 

Pregnancy Testing In MA

At Clearway Clinic, we provide no-cost pregnancy tests that can detect pregnancy at 7-10 after conception. We also provide ultrasounds after your positive test to ensure that the pregnancy is viable, as well as to check how far along you are. All of our pregnancy testing is confidential.
While a pregnancy test can offer a fast result, there are times when that result is false—having an ultrasound performed by a licensed professional can give you 100% accuracy on whether or not you are indeed pregnant. In addition, all of our ultrasound services are offered at no cost to get the verification you need, regardless of your finances. Visit our clinic for Pregnancy testing in MA.

STD Testing In Worcester And Springfield Massachusetts

If you are sexually active, it’s important o get frequent STD testing to ensure that you are healthy. We provide confidential Chlamydia and Gonorrhea testing from urine analysis and can provide your results within a week. If you or your partner test positive, we provide free treatment for you immediately upon receiving a positive result. 

Abortion Recovery

Abortion recovery can be difficult, and many women either feel relief after their procedure or have negative emotions and guilt. The latter is known as Post-Abortion Stress and can be influenced by your age, circumstances, stage of pregnancy, and personal beliefs. Post-Abortion Stress can manifest as guilt, anger, grief, suicidal thoughts, alcohol abuse, and other psychological conditions. At our clinic, we understand how alone you can feel and provide unconditional support and understanding for your situation. We offer 1:1 care and group settings, depending on your preferences, to help you heal emotionally. 
If you are in need of medical care associated with the services we offer or have any questions, we are here to help. You can give us a call or stop by to schedule an appointment. For services in Worcester, please call 508.438.0144. For services in Springfield, you can call 413.351.0070.

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