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If you are planning or considering a pregnancy termination, Clearway Clinic is your best next step instead of Planned Parenthood. There are 4 great reasons why.

A pregnancy test is insufficient to make a decision about your situation. Pregnancy tests respond to a hormone, HCG, released in your body when pregnant. However, up to 1/5 of all pregnancies end in natural miscarriage. HCG levels may remain high in your body, meaning for a period of time you will still test positive, but you may not have a viable pregnancy. Ultrasound is the fastest, most accurate way to determine if you have a viable pregnancy. Clearway provides ultrasound services at no charge to you. Planned Parenthood charges for this service.

Many of our clients want to know how far along their pregnancy is before they make a decision. Clearway will provide the most accurate confirmation and dating of your pregnancy via ultrasound with NO OBLIGATION of additional services.

We schedule our appointments in order to avoid crowds of people in our waiting areas and give you the most privacy possible. After initial screening, we also allow you to have someone with you during your visit if this would make you more comfortable.

Abortion is invasive, whether it is a surgical or medical abortion. It is important that you consider your future reproductive health. If you have an STD, it may travel through your cervix during surgical abortion. This can cause PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease), which can be painful and if left untreated may lead to infertility. Clearway tests for two very common STD’s (gonorrhea and chlamydia) for free. Planned Parenthood will charge for STD testing based on your income.

Other Reasons why Clearway is your Best Next Step


  • Clearway is a non-profit Massachusetts licensed medical clinic.
  • We do not require parental consent.
  • We don’t require insurance.

We are here to assist you with accurate medical information and important facts so you can make an informed decision. We are not an adoption agency, an abortion doctor or an obstetrical medical practice. We are specialists in pregnancy diagnosis and medical confirmation.

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