Why Women Get Abortions in Massachusetts

When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, women across the United States struggle with the life-changing decision to either bring their baby into the world or choose an abortion. Although there are solid alternatives to both of these options, many of them are not effectively presented or promoted.
In 1987 and 2007, the pro-choice Guttmacher Institute published studies that revealed the primary reasons why American women choose to get an abortion. While much is made about the “hard cases” – those that involve rape or incest — the fact is these likely don’t even make up 7% of all abortions in the United States. The remaining 93% (and probably more) point to reasons related to perceived lifestyle changes. Below, here are some results from the 2004 research study on the most common reasons women choose an abortion.
A whopping 74% of the 1,160 women interviewed for the research study stated that a change in lifestyle was the main reason they chose to have an abortion. There were three different categories under this main one, including a perceived interference with education, career aspirations, and having other children at home. For many women, facing an unplanned pregnancy during college or when following a professional dream can seem like the end of the road. This is one area in which having more options aside from abortion is vitally important.
Financial related stressors were the motivating factor for 23% of the women. Interestingly, this number went up from 69% of the women interviewed in 1987. Included in this category were women who were unmarried, current students, unemployed, unable to leave their job to take care of a baby, and lack of financial support from the husband/partner. These concerns are valid and need to be addressed, but the fact that abortion is marketed to make these issues “go away”  – when in fact it just adds more pain into the situation — is troubling.
Finally, the third most common reason for women to get an abortion is because of relationship struggles. This can include anything from being unsure about their relationship, an abusive partner, or getting pregnant while single. This scenario does not just apply to younger women, either. 57% of the interviewed women in the 2004 study were in their 20’s, including several who were married. Discussions around protecting a woman from an abuser come into play here, but also any dependent children and/or support for a single woman. These struggles are absolutely painful and difficult realities, but there are other options – like adoption – that do not require ending another life.
If you or someone you know are facing an unplanned pregnancy and feel like abortion is the only answer to your financial, relational or social stresses, call us today. We can book a free consultation to go over all of your options with absolutely no obligations. Abortion is not your only choice!

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