Will Abortion Show up on Insurance?

Will abortion show up on insurance? It’s a common question that many of our patients have. In fact, it’s one of the most highly searched questions from women looking for abortion options in Massachusetts.
With the potential of young women staying on their parents’ insurance until their 27th birthday, many become concerned when they find themselves experiencing an unexpected pregnancy and checking into abortion services that their parents may have access to an insurance EOB when it comes in the mail. (Explanation of Benefits – that piece of paper that gets mailed with a detailed description of how much the insurance did and did not pay for the procedure.)
One patient that I know who experienced this was a college student that found herself away at school, pregnant, embarrassed and considering abortion options. Even though she was fully insured, she was terrified that if she used her health insurance for any services that were pregnancy or abortion related that the EOB would arrive in her parents’ mailbox for them to find out.
That’s exactly why she opted for our free services. When she scheduled an appointment with us, she actually cancelled her appointment at Planned Parenthood for her abortion procedure, knowing that she no longer had to ask herself “Will abortion show up on insurance?” when she was getting the compassionate care that she needed FREE of charge that allowed her to be empowered with her choice in the matter. Later this patient even brought flowers into our clinic to thank the staff.
You can also shrug off this looming question by scheduling an appointment with our women’s health clinic if you’re experiencing an un expected pregnancy and would like to get started with a free pre-abortion screening that will help you on your journey. We strive to give you clarity and control in your abortion and pregnancy decisions. Same-day appointments may be available! Schedule an appointment with us today!

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