Considering Abortion? You Need a Safe Space to Decide

Statistics state that as many as half of all pregnancies in the United States are unplanned, if not more (1). When a woman faces an unplanned pregnancy, she might have a whole host of needs that disempower her from thriving in this pregnancy. Many times, this may lead her to consider abortion as the only reasonable option. These felt needs are often related to finances, housing, education, relationships, healthcare access, employment, among other things. Needs are often complex and interrelated.  

Many women who experience unplanned pregnancy feel alone, panicked, and unprepared. Every woman experiences pregnancy through her own lens, with her own unique situation and concerns, as does her partner (if he is present). Whatever her circumstance, she needs a supportive environment where she can discuss her concerns, learn her options, and receive help with resources, all while experiencing no pressure to make a pregnancy decision. When experiencing a state of panic or high stress, such as an unplanned pregnancy, it is not recommended to make a quick or major decision. In order to make a thoughtful decision, she needs the time to feel safe, seen, heard, and loved. 

Clearway Clinic has been providing this environment for women in Massachusetts for over two decades. Our clients are welcomed and served with love, no matter where they are now or what pregnancy decision they make. We see people from all ages, stages, and walks of life, and every one of our patients has their own unique story. Clearway is committed to providing compassionate, empowering, and individualized healthcare services to anyone facing an unplanned pregnancy in our communities.

Your Pregnancy Decision

This pregnancy decision is yours alone, and you have the medical autonomy to make it. No one can force you to have an abortion; no one can force you not to have one. While some people may feel empowered by this decision being completely in their hands, others may feel very overwhelmed by that thought. It may feel like a lot is on your shoulders. If that’s the case, while the decision is yours alone, we are here to offer you help and support. 

Accessing good information and quality medical care are two ways to empower yourself to make the best possible decision for you. Our experienced team of licensed nurses, licensed doctors, and patient advocates are here to answer your questions and support you as you navigate this decision.

There are many reasons you may be considering abortion. Some of the most common reasons reported by our patients include:

• Still in school or just started a new career 

• Someone close to them is pressuring them to have an abortion 

• Feeling unprepared to be a parent (for various reasons) 

• Doesn’t want anyone to find out about the pregnancy 

• Didn’t plan on having any more children

We can answer some of the important questions that you have, including:

• Do you have a viable pregnancy? 

• How far along are you? 

• What happens in an abortion procedure? 

• What kind of abortions are available to you (abortion pill and/or surgical abortion)? 

• What are your legal rights with abortion providers? 

• Are there any long-term or short-term risks to consider?

 • What other options are available?

An abortion is a significant medical decision. You might feel pressured or rushed to “solve this problem” as fast as possible. At the time this article was written, abortion pills are currently FDA-approved through 10 weeks gestation. Depending on how far along you are, chances are, you can take at least a day or two (if not a week or more) to thoroughly process your options. Give yourself a moment to gather all the information that you need and talk with those who are closest to you as you decide. It’s okay to do that! 

How Clearway Can Support You

Clearway’s patient care team provides each client with pregnancy confirmation services, comprehensive informed consent on all her options, and a customized referral plan to ensure that she receives the best care possible. A few things make Clearway’s services unique. To start, all our services are offered completely free of charge. That means anyone can access them, regardless of insurance status, financial status, or immigration status. In a world where accessing quality healthcare can be a bureaucratic nightmare, Clearway’s free services greatly empower anyone unprepared for a surprise pregnancy.

Second, Clearway does not profit off of any services we offer. Our patient care team exists to truly support and serve our clients in whatever area she needs. One of the most fundamental and critical elements of medical ethics is respecting individual autonomy. Each woman must make her own decision for her reproductive health and her future. Clearway provides informed consent on all her options, coupled with an ultrasound procedure. This ultrasound will provide you with essential information whether you choose abortion or choose to continue carrying your pregnancy. 

Each patient has a team of caregivers: a registered nurse, a non-medical patient advocate, and a doctor who provides the pregnancy confirmation. Once Clearway’s physicians have confirmed the pregnancy, patients are referred to an OB for full prenatal care. Clearways nurses provide ongoing prenatal health classes on topics such as labor and delivery and newborn care. Patient advocates continue to provide resource referrals as her situation and needs change.

 Unplanned pregnancy does not have to be a barrier to success. In fact, with the right support, even a surprise pregnancy can turn into an added blessing. While unplanned pregnancy can disrupt one’s life plans, it doesn’t have to derail them. Whatever a woman’s life circumstances, she should be fully equipped to parent if she should so choose. Clearway Clinic is a starting point for women navigating unexpected pregnancy offering a safe space to start.  

Although our clinics do not provide, prescribe, or refer for abortion, many clients still choose abortion after accessing our services. About 15% of Clearway patients chose abortion in 2023. In which case, Clearway is still ready and available to support them. In 2017, Clearway branded our after-abortion recovery process with its own name, ClearPast. In 2021, Clearway hired its first ClearPast leader, offering a variety of programs to support women processing any mental or emotional pain related to abortion experience(s). We are not here to judge the choice you make. We are here to equip you with all that you need to make your decision well and offer a safe space for you no matter what happens.

“You’re Not Alone”

While Clearway Clinic is the first step for women and families facing unplanned pregnancy in Central and Western Massachusetts, it is by no means the last. Our state has many resources designed to help young moms and dads thrive. 

For single moms in need of temporary or transitional housing, there are maternity homes such as Visitation House (Worcester) and Christina’s House (Springfield). For free, full-panel STI testing, resources such as The AIDS Project Worcester are available. WARM offers resources welcoming refugees in our state; African Community Education (Worcester) empowers African immigrants and refugee youth with education support programs. Springfield Rescue Mission serves those struggling with homelessness in the Springfield area. And on and on it goes! If people facing unplanned pregnancies should know one thing, it’s that there are resources available. You are not alone. 

 Organizations like Clearway empower women, proving that fertility doesn’t have to be a liability. While abortion exists as a widely available option in our state, it doesn’t have to be the only option for those facing an unplanned pregnancy. Pregnant women can choose parenting and still thrive! An old African proverb says, “It takes a village to raise a child.” The truth in this adage is that no one can face pregnancy or parenting alone, and no one should have to. Clearway Clinic is one member of the “village” that exists in Massachusetts, and we will help you get connected to other members of your village. 

Are you experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and unsure what you want to do? We are here for you. Schedule your pregnancy confirmation appointment today. 


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