Different Kinds of Pregnancy Tests

Are you worried you might be pregnant? Wondering what to do next? The first step is to confirm your pregnancy. After that, you can look into your other options, including scheduling a free consultation with one of our advocates here at Clearway Clinic. But what kind of pregnancy tests should you use? Which ones are the most accurate? This post discusses your options.
Although not as popular as a urine test, a blood test is an accurate way to see if you are pregnant. One benefit of taking a blood test is that they detect pregnancy earlier than urine tests – sometimes as soon as 6 days after ovulation. That’s because the hCG hormone that’s released during early pregnancy doubles every few days. A few downsides to the blood pregnancy test is that you have to go to a doctor’s office for the test. You also have to wait several days to receive the results.
Home urine tests are popular for several reasons. First, they are readily available. You can pick up a home pregnancy test at your local supermarket or big box store like Target or order them online. Popular brands include First Response and Clearblue. These tests typically come in a pack of one or two, which can get pricey if you plan on several tests. However, they are easy to use – simply hold the end of the stick under a stream of urine for a designated amount of time – usually ten seconds or so. After that, just wait 1-3 minutes for the results to appear on the screen. Some tests have a screen that displays “Pregnant or “Not Pregnant”, but most rely on a single or double line as a result. A single line means no pregnancy hormone is detected, and a double line signifies a positive result.
If you’re looking to save money, there are some ways to avoid the pricier cost of some home urine pregnancy tests. Consider investing in a package of pregnancy test strips. They are just as accurate as other kinds, but you get much more for your money. You may want to buy some plastic cups to have on hand since you dip the strips into the urine instead of holding it under a stream.  These strips are great, affordable options to test for pregnancy in the privacy of your own home without spending a fortune.
While pregnancy tests are generally very reliable and accurate, it’s always a good idea to confirm your pregnancy with an ultrasound. This is advised even if you are considering getting an abortion. Don’t feel comfortable going to your doctor’s office? At Clearway Clinic, we offer free, confidential ultrasound services with absolutely no obligations. Schedule yours today!

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