How Much Does Abortion Cost?

The cost of getting an abortion has more than just financial ramifications. Abortions come with a hefty expense, but they also take a physical and emotional toll. If you’re considering abortion, you need to consider all three of these consequences before you move forward.  Most of the time, the emotional and physical impact rarely gets addressed at abortion clinics, and even the financial cost is downplayed to promote their services. This article will go over the financial, physical, and emotional costs of getting an abortion.
Abortions are not a free procedure. Although abortion clinics often promote that budget concerns may allow you to have the procedure at minimal to even no cost, that is not always the case. Early trimester abortions can set you back up to $1,000. That is hardly a free procedure – not to mention the emotional and physical scars an abortion can cause. If you are considering a late-term abortion, that costs even more – sometimes as much as $15,000! Again, this does not even take into consideration the other repercussions that abortions can create. However, the financial aspect alone is something to keep in mind, particularly if finances are tight.
There are emotional ramifications to abortion despite what many abortion rights advocates might say. While an emotional response may be expected after an abortion, the way it can continue to impact your life is often left out of the equation. Even if the prospect of parenting scares you or feels too overwhelming, you may be surprised at the way you respond to the situation. Every woman is different, but many feel shame and guilt after the procedure. The official term for the psychological response after abortion is Post Abortion Stress Syndrome, otherwise known as PASS. Several factors play into the intensity level of these feelings, but regardless of what those are, it’s important to acknowledge them and seek counseling or other professional care.
The fact is that abortion is a physical and painful experience. For most women, pain from induced contractions – not to mention the physical recovery after surgical procedures particularly in second and third-term abortions – is incredibly intense. If you have a medical abortion, drugs that thin your uterine wall and cause contractions to push the baby out are real and painful. You might not have the time or ability to make it to the hospital, and there are risks of medical complications as a result. Abortions in the second trimester involve dilation and curettage (D and C) to remove fetal and placenta tissue, which carries risks.  Late-term abortions, especially those after 14 weeks, require a long process to induce labor and result in delivering a stillborn baby. This process is not only physically traumatic but often mentally and emotionally as well.
The cost of an abortion is high – and in more ways than one. Clearway Clinic is here to help you reconsider a decision that you may regret. Visit our website to book a free medical consultation and learn about the alternatives to abortion.

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