The Perfect Option for Students: Four Reason Why

Are you a student facing an unplanned pregnancy, or think you might be pregnant? Maybe you have a friend that needs your support? When you’re a student, making decisions about pregnancy can seem overwhelming. The good news is that there is help! Clearway Clinic is a non-judgmental clinic here to answer your questions and provide information about pregnancy, abortion alternatives, adoption, and more. If you’re a high school or college student, here are four reasons to make an appointment at Clearway Clinic.
When you visit Clearway Clinic, you can rest assured knowing that our location is private, independent, and clean. We offer an off-campus location, so you don’t have to worry about friends, family, or professors seeing you and asking questions. All of our services, including pregnancy tests, are available free of charge to you because we rely on donations. If confidentiality is a big concern, you will be in the best of hands at Clearway Clinic.
Whether you know you’re pregnant or think you might be, we are here to be a caring and helpful resource for you. As a student, it might be tempting to look up the answers on familiar websites or even social media. However, your best bet is to go right to the source. Our medical staff is here to answer all of your tough questions about pregnancy, abortion alternatives, STD testing, and more. Although we do not refer or provide abortion services, our staff is knowledgeable about the procedures involved. You deserve to be properly informed about all of your options and that’s what you can expect with us.
Worried about health insurance paperwork being sent home? Still in the process of figuring out insurance in the first place or maybe don’t even have it? One of the biggest benefits of making an appointment at Clearway Clinic as a student is that we don’t require insurance. You can experience highly qualified medical advice without the worry of paperwork hassles and ensure your visit does not get billed or flagged on your health insurance account. This applies to all of our services including ultrasounds and STD testing.
Finding out you’re pregnant unexpectedly can be scary and unsettling. We know that you may want to bring a close friend with you to your appointment, especially for the medical consultation and ultrasound if you choose to have one. Feel free to bring someone you can trust, but you can also come alone if you prefer. Whatever your preference, we want your experience at Clearway Clinic to be comfortable and maybe even enjoyable! You’re welcome to bring someone who can help us provide that experience for you.
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