Ultrasound Timeline for Pregnancy

If you’re pregnant – whether unexpectedly or not – you probably know that there are lots of tests and medical visits involved. Throughout the course of a pregnancy, you can expect to see your care provider up to several times per month. This will increase in frequency towards the end of your pregnancy. There are also other tests and ultrasounds to undergo. Maybe this is your first pregnancy or you just want a refresher. Here is a basic timeline for pregnancy all of the tests and ultrasounds you can expect, broken down by trimester.

First Trimester 

The first test you can expect is one you’ve probably taken already – the pregnancy test. Most people learn they are pregnant by taking a urine sample in the privacy of their own homes. If you are pregnant, the first thing to do is make an appointment with your care provider. During this visit, they will confirm your pregnancy with ultrasound or sometimes a blood test. This begins the ultrasound timeline for pregnancy. You will likely also have bloodwork done, which consists of a complete blood panel. Don’t have a care provider but want to confirm pregnancy? Clearway Clinic offers free, confidential services including ultrasounds. As far as visits go, expect to have about one appointment a month with your care provider during the first trimester.

Second Trimester

Many women say the second trimester is their favorite part of pregnancy. During this time, morning sickness reduces or stops altogether and you probably have more energy to enjoy the experience. The second trimester is also when a lot of the more fun tests and appointments come in. If you choose to find out your baby’s gender, an in-depth ultrasound is scheduled for around week 18 or so. Sometimes you can qualify for blood tests that provide you with the answer even sooner! Another procedure to prepare for in the second trimester is the oral glucose tolerance test. This test screens for gestational diabetes and involves drinking a sugar solution and testing the sugars in your blood. If you don’t pass the 1-hour test, you would take a 3-hour test. You can expect to see your care provider a few times per month in the second trimester.

Third Trimester

The third trimester marks the last remaining weeks of pregnancy, typically from 28-40 weeks or so. Visits and tests tend to ramp up a bit more towards the end of your pregnancy. Your care provider will usually want to see you at least once a week, and potentially even more if your pregnancy is high risk. At each visit, your provider will test your urine to monitor for signs of preeclampsia. As the due date approaches, you may have more ultrasounds to check for fluid levels. If you go over your due date, your care provider might administer a nonstress test to check on the baby’s heart rate. Group B strep screening takes place between 35-37 weeks to determine the presence of Group B strep bacteria. If levels are detected, women are given antibiotics during or shortly before delivery. This is a protective measure to protect your baby from possible infection.
We hope this post has reassured you about what to expect in regards to the tests and ultrasound timeline for pregnancy. Clearway Clinic offers services to help women navigate pregnancy at no cost. Schedule your visit today.

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